Antoniette Roze

Speaker's Agent in the Health & Well-being Industry

Integrative Health Speakers hire Antoniette to add $100,000.00 plus per year in revenue from stages.

Those who make speaking their primary focus, earn many multiples of that!

What Speakers say about the Wellness Productions way!

“I spent years defining and refining my own audience. That is why I decided to hire Antoniette Roze and her Team to help us.  Over the last three months, she and her team have been spot on. They are finding the exact opportunities that we've been looking for.

-Dr. Susan Lovelle, Functional Medicine M.D

"Antoniette's… skill to bring the right people together for maximum impact is unmatched! The stages Antoniette put me on were dynamic game changers. Bravo!"

- Doug Kaufmann, Host of the "Know the Cause" Television Show

Dr. Susan Lovelle

Functional Medicine M.D

Doug Kaufmann

Host of the "Know the Cause" Television Show

5 Surefire Steps to Get Booked on Top Wellness Shows

"You can only help those who can find you."

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