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Antoniette Roze, CEO

Wellness Productions Co.
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Longevity, Integrative, and Lifestyle Doctors & Experts hire Antoniette Roze to land top-tier industry and media appearances with a keynote talk that converts audiences into premium clients. After decades of creating and producing health and wellness events and expos, most notably the mega-sized Texas Natural Wellness Expo, Antoniette gained valuable insights into what sets apart experts who become recognized as leading authorities in their industry. She now devotes her career to global optimal health awareness through their voices. This passion stems from her early-life experience with - what was said to be - terminal late-stage cancer. Instead, a team of Integrative University Doctors performed alternative protocols that saved her life. As a result, she has devoted her career to helping all people discover their best health solutions through the voices of those who perform them. Antoniette Roze is the leading international Publicity Strategist and Speaker Promoter for Longevity, Integrative, and Lifestyle Doctors, Practitioners, & Experts.

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